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The Holding Period for the 2018-2019 Eddie Aikau Big Wave Challenge Has Ended

On behalf of the Eddie Aikau Foundation, we want to mahalo you — Eddie’s biggest fans and sponsors for bringing back the world’s most prestigious and widely broadcasted contest in the world.

While the surf and conditions didn’t line up perfectly to run The Eddie this year, we are so overwhelmed by the outpouring of aloha and support we received. From the magical moments that were live-streamed at the Opening Ceremony to the surfers and surfers-at-heart who messaged us and shared on social media — Eddie Aikau’s legacy lives on!

We are humbled and grateful to breathe new life into this contest — much of which would not have been possible without the the commitment from the Invitees and Alternates and the generous aloha from our sponsors.

We look forward to next year’s holding period with fingers crossed we can watch our fearless Invitees and Alternates charge in Eddie’s honor.


To purchase your commemorative poster, visit Waimea Valley and Kona Brewing Co. in Hawai‘i Kai to support The Eddie Aikau Foundation and its efforts to advance education and community service; support ocean-related activities and events; assist in the preservation and perpetuation of Hawaiian history and culture; and encourage Hawaiians and visitors alike to respect and contribute to the growth and development of Hawaiian culture.


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The Eddie is the premier Event in the sport of Surfing – The Super Bowl of Surfing. The Eddie Big Wave Invitational celebrates the current lineage of big wave surfers, as well as the ones that came before. The legend of Eddie Aikau is an important part of Hawaiian Culture. Eddie Aikau was a championship athlete, a waterman, and a family man who truly cared for others. Eddie was not just the 1st lifeguard at Waimea Bay; he was the 1st lifeguard for the entire North Shore, and saved over 500 people throughout his career. Eddie would brave the waves that often reached 30 feet or more, when no one else would go out. It’s important to keep his legacy alive and inspire the next generation to live like Eddie did.

The 33rd annual Eddie Big Wave Invitational is aiming to bring focus onto Hawaiian Culture, with a goal to share the stories and legacy of Hawaii with the world. With the Waimea Valley extending behind Waimea Bay, this is an area rich with historic Hawaiian Cultural significance.


The Holding Period for the 2018-2019 Eddie Aikau Big Wave Challenge Has Ended

With all eyes on Waimea Bay in 2016, The Eddie is the biggest surfing event ever. There were over 1.2 million views of the live stream from fans from more than 200 countries around the world.

Just as in year’s past, the contest will run if surf heights consistently reach 20-feet between December 1, 2018 through February 28, 2019. The Eddie will invite 28 surfers and alternates to showcase their high-performance surfing at Waimea Bay.


Grant Baker
Lucas Chianca
Ross Clarke-Jones
Danilo Couto
Shane Dorian
Nathan Fletcher
John John Florence
Nathan Florence
Sunny Garcia
Aaron Gold
Mark Healey
Mason Ho
Bruce Irons
Billy Kemper
Keala Kennelly
Ezekiel Lau
Kai Lenny
Greg Long
Keali‘i Mamala
Garrett McNamara
Jamie Mitchell
Jamie O’Brien
Joel Parkinson
Makuakai Rothman
Koa Rothman
Kelly Slater
Takayuki Wakita
Ian Walsh
Dave Wassel


  1. Kyle Shipman
  2. Michael Ho
  3. Landon McNamara
  4. Luke Shepardson
  5. Ramon Navarro
  6. Reef McIntosh
  7. Kohl Christensen
  8. Chris Owens
  9. Tyler Laronde
  10. Ben Wilkinson
  11. Kala Alexander
  12. Rodrigo Koxa
  13. Tom Carroll
  14. Paige Alms (for Keala Kennelly)
  15. Mark Mathew
  16. Jamie Sterling
  17. Shawn Dollar
  18. Carlos Burle
  19. Gabriel Villaran
  20. Kahea Hart
  21. Damien Hobgood
  22. Kalani Chapman
  23. Ryan Hipwood
  24. Danny Fuller
  25. Nic Lamb
  26. Anthony Tashnick
  27. Rusty Long
  28. Derek Dunfee
  29. Jeremy Flores
  30. Noah Johnson
  31. Peter Mel
  32. Andrew Cotton
  33. Duane DeSoto
  34. Kainoa McGee
  35. Ikaika Kalama
  36. Tyler Fox
  37. Brad Gerlach
  38. Vincent Lartizen
  39. Mike Parsons
  40. Axi Muniain
  41. Benjamin Sanchis
  42. Damien Warr
  43. Sebastian Steudtner
  44. Eric Akiskalian
  45. Dan Corbett
  46. Francisco Porcella
  47. Antonio Silva
  48. Gautier Garanx
  49. Antonio Balau
  50. Mick Corbett
  51. Jarryd Foster
  52. Lance Hoʻokano
  53. Rusty Keaulana
  54. Hugo Vau
  55. Pedro Scooby
  56. Yuri Soledade
  57. Trevor Sven Carlson


On Thursday, November 29th, the opening ceremony for the 2018 Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational was held at Waimea Bay. For the first time ever, the afternoon included Hawaiian protocol and an ‘awa ceremony led by haumāna before the surfers paddled out to meet the Hōkūle‘a. The evening ended with dinner by Duke’s and performances by Kimie Miner, Paula Fuga, Kaumakaiwa Kanaka‘ole and Mana Mele.

Photos: Mike Ito




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